Brooke Thomas

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  • Age: 15
  • Midland, TX
  • Sam Houston, San Jacinto, Midland High

Brooke Taylor Thomas was born at 5:20 on 5/19/97. She weighed in at 9 pounds and 8 ounces. A healthy, beautiful, bouncing baby girl. She was very smart and could say her nickname “TayTay” at only 4 months old. She lived every single moment of her 15 years. She accomplished each and everything she tried with ease and grace.
She loved to sing, dance and cheer. She loved her family and friends. She had a variety of friends, from little children, special needs friends, scholastic friends, football player friends, party friends, athlete friends, dance friends, cheer friends, let’s go for a walk friends, new kid in class friends, drama friends, and science club friends. Brooke loved everyone and reached out with friendship to everyone she met. She greeted her friends with a great big hug and when she was in the room it was filled with her loud, gleeful laughter. Brooke loved deeply, true, and with passion.
She had a quick, ever sarcastic and funny wit. Brooke loved ice cream and music.
Brooke was extremely intellegent. She aced every test she took and was in pre-ap classes. She made 100’s on achievement tests and always seemed to say “I got this, what’s next.”
Brooke left this world very unexpectedly on 4/20/13 at age 15. She left behind her mom Lisa Thomas, her dad Shawn Thomas, her brother Mitch Thomas, her sister Arin Thomas. Grandparents Jeanne Thomas, Stephen Henson, Paula Gowdy, Aunts Stephenie Henson, Shannon Thomas, Uncles Kevin Thomas, Brian Thomas and cousin Stephen Mcdonell.
The world she left behind will never be the same, will never be right, but everyone that knew and loved Brooke are better because she touched their heart with true love.

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Courtney Trice

November 16, 2015