Bryce Moore

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  • Age: 17
  • Walhalla, SC
  • Westminster

Bryce was killed in a MVA on Sept 8, 2012. He was a great person, loved everyone. He had a heart of gold. He was very respectful to everyone even those he should have not been. He had so called friends that used him for money and a ride, those friends are the reason he is no longer here with us. I know everyone says it was his time to go but if he had not taken the so called friend places then maybe he would still be with us. He is missed by so many people, he meet his niece and got to play with her for 8 months, she will be turning 5 in Dec. now he has a nephew that will be her Dec 6, 2016. He missed his brothers wedding a year ago. There is just so much that he has missed out on. But I know he is ok in Heaven with his grandpa, grandma, and a nephew that is miscarried. We know he is up there taking care of them. We love you Bryce and we look forward to being with you in Heaven 1 day. Miss you so much… Love you always MOM

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