Jamie Boone

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  • Age: 17
  • Henderson, NC
  • E.M. Rollins Elementary, Henderson Middle School, Southern Vance High School

My one and only child was born on my 21st birthday, November 23rd, 1976 (he was a bicentennial baby). I named him after his father, but we always called him "Jamie". This sweet, adorable, loving, and spoiled little boy was my LIFE for 17 years. I left his dad before Jamie turned 2 years old so he wouldn't grow up thinking that we had a normal life because we didn't. Jamie and I moved to Florida in August 1978 to stay with my best friend and her husband, we needed to get as far away from Henderson as possible. Florida was a wonderful place and we had wonderful friends there. Jamie had his first day care experience there while I worked for the 1st time in 2 years since he was born, so the separation of the 2 of us was not a good one for either. We had a great Christmas that year, but I realized that we needed to move on and let our friends have their own life. My daddy lived in Maryland, where I was raised, so I called him. Jamie and I flew to Maryland in January 1979 where daddy picked us up at the airport to start our new lives up north.

Jamie went to day care there and I went to work for the Federal Government, his granddaddy loved him so much and was glad he could help in his raising, although my daddy and I didn't always agree on discipline things went pretty well.  Jamie made lots of friends in the neighborhood and started kindergarden there.  4 years passed and I was getting itchy for my mom and sister, and friends back in Henderson, Jamie was missing his grandma and aunt as well, and he wanted to see his daddy and other relatives.  We visited Henderson often but we ended up moving back to Henderson in May 1982.

Upon moving back to NC, Jamie started school at E.M. Rollins Elementary where Miss Stovall was his teacher, she loved him and looked after him and he loved her too.  I still see her from time to time, she always hugs me with tears in her eyes and tells me how special Jamie was to her.

Jamie moved on to Henderson Middle School and made lots of friends there, pretty much everyone loved him including the teachers.  In fact, Jamie received a trophy one year for being Student of the Year!  He was always taller than other kids his age, he got that height from my daddy's side of the family.  When some of his friends had problems with other kids, Jamie took up for them and tried to resolve the problem.

Soon he moved on to Southern Vance High School, he had lots of friends there and teachers loved him too, but his mind was not on "school work".  By now girls were important as were cars and trucks.  He worked at Golden Corral, Roses, and Western Sizzler, and he was always a hard worker (from age 11 on).

Keeping his room clean and doing homework were on the bottom of his list of things to do.  Once he got his driver's license it was go go go!

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