Joe Sanders

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  • Age: 19
  • Des Moines, IA

Steven "Joe" Sanders was born Jan. 11 1971 and lived his life until July 17 1990. Joe was outgoing and loved baseball. He had been the batboy for the Iowa Cubs for many years until his death in a car accident with his friend Curt (who survived). On July 17th, Joe and Curt had just left Glendale cemetary visiting there friend Mike that had been killed in a car accident 18 months prior.  Joe was driving and lost control of his car hitting an oak tree broadside.  He was killed instantly.  There was so many at his funeral (including the whole Iowa Cubs baseball team) that not everyone could fit in the funeral home.  He was loved by many!

By the grace of God, Joe has 1 child named Joe-Jo who is now 19 years old himself. Joe left such an impression in my life and he will always be here with me in my heart. I am putting his name and photo up not as a parent who lost there child. I was Joe's longtime girlfriend when he passed. I was 2 months pregnant when I lost him. I am putting up this memorial because he is watching over us and I want him to know he will NEVER be forgotten. I want all teenagers to be safe and come home every night to the family that loves them. No one should have to feel the pain and heartache as his family and I felt when we heard he was never coming home. Rest in peace Joe.  I love and miss you ~Staci

The world was made for you and me… Even if it cannot be… but in my heart it will always be U & Me   ~written in a love letter by Joe Sanders.

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Staci Jones

February 6, 2011