Jordan Elizabeth Glawe

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  • Age: 18
  • Glenvil, NE
  • Fairfield Elementary, Bexley High School, Sandy Creek High School

Jordan Elizabeth was born on March 12, 1991 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She had beautiful chocolate brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. Jordan was the joy and light in our lives. She loved her family, friends, and her dog wazzie. Jordan loved apples and ate one every day. She could have been the poster model for “An Apple a Day” motto. Jordan planned to be a History Teacher. She loved history!!! Her eyes would like up when she would talk about it, especially kings & queens. Jordan was a wonderful loving daughter, granddaughter, cousin & friend. She was always there to cheer you up. Jordan also was quite the creative artist! Jordan loved music also, and had a beautiful singing voice which she sang in church with many times. Jordan cared about others, and especially those in need. She continues to teach me alot! Our lives were shattered when on Aug 6, 2009 the car she was riding in was traveling too fast and left the road, hit a ditch and flipped end over end 6 times. Jordan was ejected from the car. Jordan went to heaven instantly. Jordan ALWAYS was wearing her seat belt but we believe she had taken it off to reach in the back of the car. Jordan we miss you so much, we love you so much now & forever!!! Mom (momo) & Dad, and all your family & friends & wazzie.

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