A Memory of Rhett Nicholas Smith

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I remember when we were kids and Rhett, Mac, Koltan, Richard, Gage, & my brother were at my house for 4th of July. we were playing "midnight' on the trampoline and Gage was in the middle, We were trying to dodge Gage when Rhett jumped so high in the air that he fell backwards into the cornfield. everyone was laughing and he got right back up again then later he set fireworks off for us and we had a big bon fire then the next day he tried wrecking our go-cart and we all went on a hay ride where we pushed richard off and rhett played volleyball with us thin kickball it was the best memories and we stayed up as long as possible and when rhett finally fell asleep watching mulan 2 his phone kept going off but we were afraid to wake him and we couldn't get the phone out of his pocket.

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December 18, 2014

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