A Memory of Rhett Nicholas Smith

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I've been thinking a lot lately about the last time we really hung out together. I remember a couple years ago when were at grandma & grandpa's in Judyville, we got so bored we decided we was gonna walk to Pence. Haha, we really did some major preparation for that 5 mile walk...with our survival cheerios, crackers, & a thermos of kool-aid. & you had one heck of a time laughing at me when those crackers fell out of my hand & scattered all over the field haha. Well, we didn't exactly make it to Pence but that 1/2 mile walk was a great accomplishment for us lol. I never thought that I would miss that moment with you so much. At the time, it was just another good time spent with my cousin, but now it's a day I would give anything to go back to. But no matter how much I miss that day, that moment, or especially you, I know someday I'll be seeing you again. & we'll be having better times than we ever could've here on Earth. Untill that time comes, love & miss you man. See you later

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October 5, 2011

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