A Memory of Karly Meeks

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My sweet Karly, my precious grandaughter.
I was thinking about you and I have so many wonderful memeories of you honey. I miss getting a good night text from you every night, I miss you calling me and letting me know that you could spend the night, or come see me. I still find myself waiting for your goodnight text at times.
There are times when I feel so empty, but then I think of you being in Heaven with our Lord and it helps me.
You cried when Crystal died, now you are with her. She was a collie, but you loved her as much as I did. When you spent the night with me, you always slept on the floor, because you wanted to sleep with Crystal! She would lay right beside you, and the two of you looked so cute, side by side asleep. I took a picture of the two of you sound asleep and you looked like you were "spooning"!
Of course you are seeing all the other animals you loved because like me you are an animal lover. You are with your great-grandparents on your dad's side and on your mom's side. You are meeting all kinds of people and learning about all kinds of things.
You know all things now.
I believe that you know now, that when you were in the hospital, I wanted to hold you & talk to you so bad. There were so many things I wanted to say to you, but couldn't.
Now you know, now you know everything.
I have many baby pictures of you. What a beautiful baby. I loved holding and rocking you. I could have held you all day long if I had my way.
Someday it will be my turn to join you. I guess not right now, I have some more things to do down here, to finish.
When it's my turn to go home to Heaven, after I see Jesus, I will see you and give you the biggest hug you ever had!
So, until then baby girl, I love you, I miss you and I will always be thinking about you.
Your Nana

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January 10, 2011

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