A Memory of Jessica Elaine Hardin

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I remember two summers ago when a bunch of our friends would hang out at dylans and sit on his porch or out in the shop and just laugh and cut up. She could always make us girls laugh by holdin her temples and wish that she had telepathical powers. I remeber when she first got her car and license I rode in the front and she had the system goin! Lol she sure did like her music loud. And the cd we had been listenin to that day she let me borrow and I still listen to it when I think about her. Its the only thing I had of jess's and ill cherish that cd even when it doesn't play anymore. I miss you so much jessica elaine hardin. Ill be by to see you tomorro and bring pretty pink flowers. I hope you like them. Happy valentines day beautiful girl. I love you!

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February 15, 2012

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