A Memory of Jessica Elaine Hardin

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If you knew Jessica, you knew she was a firecracker... Never a dull moment, & she always had to be having fun. I remember growing up she kept me on my toes, & definitely up-to-date with the latest gossip. Jessica was friends with everybody, she would strike up a conversation with a COMPLETE stranger. She always knew how to make people smile, & boy was she an Alabama Fan!!!! Jessica had this unique personality.. She wasnt like anyone else. Everytime I seen her, i'd see those big blue eyes, & she would ALWAYS have on light blue eye shadow ("to make her eyes pop" as she would say) & she would be smiling, and of course you'd see those big dimples!!! She was the kind of person who you could call on the phone, & she would talk to you for hours on end about anything & everything. I miss that!!!! If you didnt know her, you definitely missed out. RIP Jessi!

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February 3, 2012

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