A Memory of Erik Klug

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This day, 13 September no matter the year is filled with lots of emotions. Mainly sadness, that we can't go back and redo that day! Erik was my Son, Stevens’s best friend, and the neighbor boy who was in the back seat of the car that horrible day. The boys met while riding dirt bikes in the small gravel quarry behind our house on Theodore Rd. Many people didn't understand the relationship and why a teenager would want a kid around. But if you knew Erik as we did, you'd come to know this; Erik was a kind, mature beyond his years and very cool young man and he enjoyed passing down what he knew especially about dirt bikes and riding. And Steven was a young fearless rider, eager to learn and at 14 with no real Dad around have that “male figure” that looked out for you and cared. Erik was the Big Brother Steven didn't have, who seemed to always have time to hang out, whether they were playing videos or riding. That summer 2006 we had a booth at the CC fair and the boys (Mason & Erik) stopped by to see if Steven could hang out. I recall Erik saying "I'll keep a good eye on him and get him home safe" and with that I said yes and he did; the road was good to all that evening. The fair, that day I believe that was where & when he met Lauren White, she & her horse were competing there. Looking back, I think he had the mannerisms and heart of a traveled gentle soul, who lived every day he was here! My heart is filled with sadness that Erik left this life far too soon.
We will always remember and miss you!

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September 13, 2014

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