A Memory of Karly Meeks

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Karly, even though I had only met you a few times when you were in West Virginia with Seth and when I went down to Alabama with my best friend, I know you are such a great person. You touched my life just by being you. I remember when you came up to West Virgina for Kayla's graduation party and we all started a band with my guitar, and all the little kids drums and pianos that we had up here. It was so much fun. Today's your birthday and I wrote a letter to attach to my balloon. I never thought I would have to do that. Such a sweet young girl gone at such a young age. Now you are with my friends Megan Turner, Casey Kiser, Dennis "Sparky" Stewart, and all my other friends that have passed away. I know you are all having a blast up there in Heaven. We miss you and love you Karly Jean!<3 Happy Birthday Sweet Angel!<3

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April 5, 2011

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