A Memory of Brandon Leland

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Brandon, Mommy just wants to let you know that you brother's baby is due in 6 days. I know that you,Dad and I teased a lot about you being the first one to give us a grandchild but Jon beat you. That's funny, I would have won that bet. You would have been such a great Uncle, you were so gentle and Kind. You were so full of love. Parker would have been a lucky girl to have you as her Uncle. Also I just want to let you know if that's possible, we think about you every moment of every day. We miss decorating the Christmas Tree together. You and Daddy always picked out your favorite ornaments to put on and left the rest for me. This is our second year now and I still don't know if I even want to do Christmas. Christmas was your favorite time of the year. You got so excited you would start asking to open one present about a week early. There was a couple of times we had to go out and do our Christmas shopping twice because we gave in and let you open your presents. But If I had to do it all over again I would have let you have Christmas every day of the year. We miss you little man. I also remember when I would be at work and I would call you little man and my co-workers would say "there's nothing little about that boy" I would just smile and tell them that you would always be MY little boy. I love you Brandon J and I want to believe that you didn't suffer. I also want to believe that some day I will see you again. For now my little man, wherever you are remember that you will always be in my heart and Daddy and I will never forget you. Love Forever And Always MOM and DAD

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December 4, 2010

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