A Memory of Brandon Leland

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Well Bran your second anniversary has passed. I have to say it has not gotten any easier. I can't help but think about the things you're missing out on, finishing college, getting married, having children. We miss you so much, your Dad and I talk about you every day. When we say your name the dogs run to your room looking for you. Then they start barking all crazy like they do anytime they get excited. I talked to Mrs. Lingle today, I told her about what you wrote in your journal about her. She told me a funny story about a report you had due and tried to skip out on and how she made you do it anyway, even though you scammed Daddy into writing a note about your "upset tummy" oh Bran you were my little procrastinator. She also said you had a gentle heart, which is how a lot of people have discribed you. I get frightened that you will be forgotten but oh no. She told me that she thought about you a couple of weeks ago, how strange is that. That was right around your anniversary. Anyway Bran we LOVE YOU Mommy

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April 19, 2011

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